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Welcome to our research environment!

On the conference Wednesday evening, we invite you to our research environment at the Production Technology Center (PTC). We will demonstrate equipment and present current research projects. Linda Bohlin Trajkovski from Innovatum Science Park will talk about this successful collaborative arena where industry and academia develop technology, methods, and knowledge for the factory of the future.

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3 questions to keynote speaker

Henrik Runnemalm

What is the main message of your presentation at SPS2024?

- Innovation in Manufacturing processes and production system is key to build a sustainable society. Innovation requires research, demonstration and implementation. This presentation will give examples where this has been accomplished and also point at where we identify critical gaps.

What do you consider to be the industry's biggest challenge for the future?

- Competence at all levels is the key challenge to deliver a sustainable society.

What are your expectations for the conference?

- I expect to learn, inspire and be inspired by all participants in the conference. The conference is a great opportunity to explore ideas and hopefully create new fruitful network that will make our common interests even stronger for the future.


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Stay within comfortable walking distance to campus. You have several hotels and other accommodations to choose from. Hotel Scandic Swania offers a special rate for our conference guests. Valid for a limited number of rooms until March 22.


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