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Henrik Runnemalm about the shift

to a climate-neutral industry

- We must challenge the current methods, not only in how products are used but also in how they are produced, says Henrik Runnemalm, head of research at GKN Aerospace Engine, in an interview (in Swedish).

He is one of several keynote speakers during the Swedish Production Symposium 2024 - the premier conference for everyone who are interested in the future of production.

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Abstracts and paper session schedule

now available on our web

59 papers will be presented at SPS2024. Numerous of them are produced in collaboration with industrial companies. Now you'll find the paper session schedule and the abstracts on our web. 

Paper sessions

Highlights in Alice Øritslands keynote presentation


Alice Øritsland is Head of People, Culture & Sustainability in Business Area Distribution at Vattenfall Eldistribution AB:


What is the main message of your presentation at SPS2024? 

- Electrification is the largest transformation in society since the industrial revolution. Now we are in the third wave - phase-out of fossil fuels and strong growth of electricity demand. The energy transformation will require us to rethink our approach to competence sourcing.

What do you consider to be the industry's biggest challenge for the future? 

- Sustainable and robust supply chains will increasingly become one om the major challenges that the industry must face when persisting geopolitical tension takes a toll on global trade.

Our keynote speakers

Live music & festive evening events

SPS2024 also offers great food and live music with fantastic artists. You can look forward to three awesome evening events!

Kick off: buffé and live music

with Sofia and Magnus

Tuesday evening, Sofia and Magnus, two members of The Babes cover band from Gothenburg, will be joining us on guitar and vocals. They will sing for us with familiar tunes that everyone knows.

Open house at Production Technology Center

Astrid Melén creates her own music using technology and her unique singing voice. Wednesday evening, she will deliver a stripped-down solo music entertainment, with her beautiful voice, loop machine, and piano.

Conference banquet with the Janes Bomb show

The band Janes Bomb creates an evening that will be remembered for a long time. They will offer a real joyous show on the conference banquet that involves the audience and creates a wonderful atmosphere together. Hold your hats and come along!"

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