15th CBRNe Protection Symposium and the Exhibition of CBRNe protection equipment

2025 • September 30 - October 2 Malmö Sweden

From Research to Reality

The CBRNe Protection Symposium provides a unique platform for scientists and researchers to engage with industry leaders and businesses. This dynamic environment fosters discussions about current applications and innovative ideas, driving the future of CBRNe protection. By facilitating these vital exchanges, the symposium bridges the gap between research and practical implementation, ensuring that the latest advancements in CBRNe protection are effectively translated into real-world solutions. This collaborative approach not only enhances current protective measures but also paves the way for future innovations, reinforcing the symposium’s role as a cornerstone in the evolution of CBRNe defense strategies.

Scientific Topics

The forthcoming symposium will concentrate on key topics such as Innovation, Detection, Resilience, and Management within CBRNe defence. The scientific programme will include keynote lectures by well-renowned speakers, parallel thematic sessions, and a series of presentations throughout the event.

Innovation, Detection, Resilience and Management are the four program themes.

Four topics


Frontiers of Innovation in CBRNe Defence

  • Advanced Analytical Techniques for Enhanced CBRNe Preparedness
  • Frontiers in Unmanned and Autonomous Vehicles for CBRNe Response
  • Revolutionising CBRNe Preparedness with Artificial Intelligence
  • Cutting-Edge materials and Protective Technologies in CBRNe Defence


Next-Generation Detection and Analysis Techniques for CBRNe

  • State-of-the-Art Detection Techniques for CBRNe Threats
  • Advancements in Rapid Biological Indicators for Field Deployment
  • Cutting-Edge Forensic Techniques for CBRNe Incident Analysis


Proactive Strategies for Enhanced CBRNe Security and Resilience

  • Stategically Addressing and mitigating Emerging CBRNe Threats
  • Building and Strenghening Societal Resilience Against CBRNe Incidents
  • Innovative Healthcare Strategies for CBRNe Preparedness and Response
  • The Dual Role of Synthetic Biology in CBRNe Biosecurity and Defence


Comprehensive Crisis Management and Safety Innovations in CBRNe

  • Preventing and Mitigating Mass Casualties in CBRNe Incidents
  • Innovative Decontamination Strategies and Technologies for CBRNe Response
  • Operational Training, Education and Case Studies
  • International Cooperation and Information Sharing


Call for papers

Abstracts submission opens 1 December 2024

Abstract submission closes:

  • 31 March 2025 for oral presentation 
  • 30 May 2025 for poster presentation 

Exhibition of CBRNe protection equipment 2022

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A number of Swedish government agencies co-organise a Symposium on protection against hazardous substances every third year, with the Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI) serving as the main organiser. Initiated in the 1980s, the Symposium initially concentrated on protection against biological and chemical threats. Since the last two occasions, however, its has expanded to include nuclear and radiological issues, as well as explosives in conjunction with CBRN. The last Symposium attracted 600 attendees from 30 different countries, comprising 450 delegates and 150 exhibitors.

The 15th CBRNe Protection Symposium is scheduled to take place at Malmö Mässan, Malmö, Sweden, from 30 September to 2 October 2025. It targets professionals actively involved in the field of CBRNe protection. We invite all participants to enrich the symposium through engaging discussions, in-depth conversations, and the exchange of recent research findings.

An extensive exhibition of CBRNe protection equipment will be arranged in conjunction with the symposium, where industry leaders and institutes will display their latest products and research in an inspiring environment. This exhibition presents an excellent opportunity for symposium attendees to familiarise themselves with the latest commercially available, state-of-the-art equipment related to CBRNe protection.

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