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Akademus works with enhancing the digital competence of University West's educators and employees. We also offer information and courses in higher education pedagogy to enhance the quality of University West educations.

Welcome to the first newsletter from Akademus!

Finally, it's time for our first newsletter for Akademus, a gathering place for pedagogical competence development at University West. In these newsletters, we will present current seminars and workshops, various news about pedagogical tools and systems, university pedagogical news and courses and other posts that we hope you find inspiring in your work as a teacher here at University West.


Our newsletters will be published about 3-4 times per semester. If you do not want to wait that long to get the latest from our unit, you can always visit our website, hv.se/akademus where we collect all our current information.



Lars Johansson
Head of division of Educational development and Study Counselling

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Take courses in Academic Teaching

Teaching & Learning in Higher Education includes a number of themes. Our teachers' pedagogical skills should always be relevant, as knowledge about higher education is constantly being developed and contributes to creating ways of working at a teacher.

Contact Urban Carlén if you have questions about courses for teachers at University West.

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Padlet in teaching

The university has bought a license for Padlet. It is an educational tool and can be compared to making posts in a digital writing surface. The Padlet has many uses and can be used, for example, for collaboration, notes, links and discussions, both for online and in classroom teaching either synchronously or asynchronously.


Read more about Akademus at hv.se/akademus.

Akademus is a part of the university unit Study and Academic Support, Library and Educational Development.

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Lars Johansson
Studiestöd, Bibliotek och
Pedagogisk utveckling

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