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Hej to all students at University West!

The spring term is here and its a little bit brighter outside. We understand that it can be challenging to study at a distance. We have therefore collected information and tips for you to simplify your studies and will continue to send information at regular a regular basis. 

Equal terms for students

A basic tenet that permeates our entire organisation at University West is that every human being is of equal value. Our goal is that employees, students, and those who apply to study at our university will feel welcome, no matter their sex, transgender identity/expression, ethnicity, religion or other system of belief, disability, sexual orientation, or age. University West never condones any sort of harassment, discrimination, or victimisation. In short, we have a level playing field for all.

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Study with a disability

Having a disability is no obstacle for you to have an interesting, rewarding and exciting study time at University West!

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Code of conduct

We want to make all students aware of the the revision of the code of conduct, with the addition that they also apply on the University's digital platforms. If you want to read the rules of conduct, you can do this here. 

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