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 Hej to all students at University West!

Now we have reached halfway into the spring term and many of us are thinking about the autumn term. At present, there is great uncertainty about what the conditions will be like in August. Nevertheless, we need to start planning for the autumn term and our Vice-Chancellor has therefore made a decision on teaching and examination, which in short means an adapted return to campus. However, we must be prepared to return completely to a distance mode or increase our presence on Campus if possible. Read more further down. 

New decision from Vice-Chancellor: How does University West plan for the autumn term?

According to the decision, some group/activities will be given priority to be on campus. Examinations are planned to be conducted at a distance. It is head of department who decides on deviations from digital examination.

Autumn-21: The following priorities are made for campus-based activities:

  • Introduction and certain teaching of new programme students (students who started/start their education in the spring or autumn of 2021)

  • Programmes and courses with international students.

  • Teaching parts with elements for all students that are not possible or not suitable to carry out in any way other than on campus.

  • Examinations that are not possible or not suitable to carry out in any other way other than on campus.

  • For study social reasons, all student groups should have the opportunity to have teaching on campus at least a couple of occasions during the semester.

    What does this mean for me as a student?

    Each department will now work according to this policy decision, which will serve as a basis for scheduling. The schedule documentation must state which opportunities can be implemented either at Zoom or on Campus so that the use of the premises is efficient.If you have questions about the decision and / or the priorities - contact, in the first place, the responsible teacher.

    We will keep you informed on an ongoing basis about the situation and any changes that the university decides on. Stay up to date via hv.se/en and through newsletters that are sent out to all students.

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